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Week end update

1962 - Salad Hat

1962 – Salad Hat (Photo credit: clotho98)

I still felt sick this week, saw my doctor twice, ended up having IV antibiotics…and guess what!! I think it really helped. I’m able to breathe a little better…well, a lot better than a couple of weeks ago.  I think I’ll be able to go back to work on Monday…whew!  Of course, now I’m so out of shape that I’m going to be worn out at the end of every day.

I’ve been walking a little and doing a few sets of resistance training every day, but staying in bed for a couple of weeks takes a toll.  I’m sure I’ll fairly easily regain the fitness level I had before I got sick.  Once I’ve accomplished that, my next goal will be to kick it up a notch…add more cardio every week.  And the long-range goal is to be able to run or even just walk long distances again…I felt so good when I was doing that.

The salads in the jars kept very well for the entire week…so there you go.  Just make your salad and put the cut up veggies (I used cucumber, mushrooms, carrots and whole grape tomatoes) in the bottom of the jar, then fill with your lettuce or spinach. I kind of packed it down to get a lot of the air out.  Then put the lids on and put it in the fridge, just pulled them out when I was ready to eat a salad.  I didn’t put the dressing in the jar.  I read that, if you do, you want to put it in the bottom of the jar keeping it away from the greens.  I also didn’t put my boiled eggs in the jars…those are pretty easy to take with you and even cut up with a fork.  So I’d say this idea was a success and I’ll be doing this all the time now.  And someday I’ll even post pictures..haha!

So how was your week?  Get some exercise and healthy eating in?  Got anything planned for next week?


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