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Need a pick-me-up? Exercise


fitness (Photo credit: The Survival Woman)

See, this is something I know…something I’ve known for a long time.  But I let my exercise time slip away until pretty much all of the exercise I was getting was at work.  Now my job involves a lot of walking so that’s a plus, but it’s still not the same as making an effort to get consistent, sustained exercise.

And then I got sick…really sick.  For a long time.  Going on four weeks now.  I had a bad cold, started recovering from that and came down with the flu.  With respiratory issues.  So not a lot of exercise going on during that time.  I did work for most of it until the flu hit me.  That’s when I found myself spending an awful lot of time in bed.  Wow!  That’s the way to really lose your level of conditioning quickly.

I could feel that today when I got out of the house to do a little shopping.  Pretty slow going, but it sure felt good to get out of the house for a while.  And I decided I felt well enough to get in a little exercise today too.  Not a lot.  About 20 minutes altogether, but I did do some slow walking.  It sure did lift my spirits to be able to move and breathe at the same time.

Now the key for me is to remind myself of how good it makes me feel to move…and then do it!



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I’m starting to Spark

The Healthy Eating Pyramid, from the Harvard S...

The Healthy Eating Pyramid, from the Harvard School of Public Health (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…at SparkPeople.com, that is. I was on there back in 2008 and really lost the weight and got healthy and in shape…then, as I’ve done too many times to count, I let it slide and fell right back into my old unhealthy habits (yes, this is most definitely one of the things I’m going to have to figure out).

I don’t have the time to spend a lot of time on there every day, but I can make the time to check in, log my food and exercise, do a little reading, take part in some challenges, look at some recipes, and so on…So I’ve begun to re-establish my Spark habit and I’m seeing a change in how I’m thinking about how I’ve been living my life. I’m still not feeling well enough to eat all that much (mostly just a few bland things) and definitely not feeling well enough to exercise, altho I suppose I could do some stretching…hmm…I’m going to do that, at least that would be a start and something I can do right now. Wow, who knew that you could come up with some great ideas in the middle of writing a post for a blog???

I’m really starting to feel some excitement about this…looking forward to exercising…keep remembering how great I felt when I was walking long distances and running.  And I keep thinking about the healthy foods I can pack for my lunch for work…you know, whenever I’m finally able to make it back to work…I’ve seen some great ideas about putting your salad in canning jars for the whole week….supposedly it’ll keep it fresh all week.  That’s one thing I’m definitely going to try…I’ll do a post on it in the future.

So…while I’m still kind of sitting on the sidelines…I’m excited to be getting back in the game…and I haven’t felt that way in a long time.


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