Journey delayed

Salad with chicken and boiled egg

Salad with chicken and boiled egg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I still have the flu…yippee!!  Home from work, running a fever, not able to keep anything down, exhausted, achy…all that jazz.  So, no exercise, no healthy eating…no unhealthy eating either, so there is that.  I’m actually looking forward to being able to eat a crisp salad with a boiled egg on it…just not gonna happen today.

The closest I’ve come to planning my menu for the rest of the week is pinning healthy recipes on Pinterest.  I’m like just about everyone else, I’ve pinned more recipes than I’ll ever be able to use…but it’s fun and does give me some good ideas for when I’m feeling a bit better.

I did check in at yesterday.  Visited a couple of teams that I like, reconnected with a couple of friends.  So I guess my journey hasn’t  really been delayed, it’s just not starting quite like I planned.  But that’s life, isn’t it?  Very rarely does it turn out exactly as we plan.  Being aware enough to enjoy the journey is what counts.



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2 responses to “Journey delayed

  1. I guess you can find just about anything on Pinterest. Hopefully you’ll be able to eat some of that yummy food soon.

    • Yeah…definitely you can find everything on Pinterest…I mean, some of the stuff, I’m like, who cares? But a lot of it is interesting…of course, no one has enough time to do everything that’s on there…

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